[MLB-WIRELESS] Councils (Yarra Ranges)

Nick Sibbing nick at artful.com.au
Fri Nov 9 18:07:59 EST 2001

Joseph Sirucka wrote:

> Cool contour maps. Thought there was going to be some work, starting
> doing some myself, but better if someone already has them mapped out.
> Though of going gis and plotting in 3 demension to see if line of sight
> was possible. Had some open source from another project that allowed me
> to hook up my gps unit. Wouldn't be web based, but had other serious
> uses other than wireless.
> Cool were, since I work nights. Friends work during days, so I gather
> they more likely be a no show. unless your planning a weekend or weeknight.
> So where

> Thought I keep this on the list for the moment since others will
> probably be interested.
Gday Joseph
The plan is for interested parties to meet at Adrian's place in
Lilydale since it is around the corner from the Yarra Ranges
offices. We can meet and coordinate wish lists and then meet the
people at the shire. They are going to give us access to GIS
info as long as it doesn't take too much resources. If we only
have a few takers thats probably better as info can be relayed
back. The addresses of interested parties would be handy for
mapping purposes.

This will be in early Dec if you want to set a time or day of
the week that is more suitable please let me know.

I'm interested to know your location and also who you've been in
contact with in the Shire that you found helpful.

Kind Regards
Nick Sibbing

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