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Thu Nov 8 15:02:40 EST 2001

Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne: 3, 4, 5  July, 2002

Expressions of interest for workshops,  papers and presentations are sought
for the Conference. We invite proposals for reports and presentations
(refereed and non-refereed) about current initiatives that respond to the
main themes of the conference:

·     Community Building
·     Knowledge Economy/Knowledge Community
·     Digital Divide/Income Divide

The Advisory Committee is particularly interested in papers and workshops
that address the following areas:

Electronic networks in indigenous communities;  Electronic networks for
women, community groups; Electronic networks for local communities;
Participation - promoting e-democracy in its broadest sense; Engaging the
non-user;  Employability and personal fulfilment;   Building business and
learning communities through partnerships using ICT;   Technical - practice
and skills for the community and non-profit sector;   Social inclusion in
the knowledge economy;   Theoretical perspectives on electronic community
networking and social capital.

Please see the conference website, www.ccnr.net/2002/ for details about how
to submit an abstract or expression of interest for refereed and
non-refereed tracks.  Abstracts should be submitted by 1 December 200, and
earlier if possible.

The aims of the conference are:

§ To energise practitioners, policy makers, academics and business people
working in the field of community networking using information and
communication technology (ICT).
§ To engage delegates in issues of community networking and increase
understanding in how community networking principles can contribute
significantly to community building.

Previous conferences have been a feature of the electronic community
networking landscape in Australia since 1996, and participants have
from all states, the Pacific, and other countries.  This conference is part
of a global trail of events associated with the Global Community Networking
Alliance (www.globalcn2001.org).   The Conference is being organised by the
Centre for Community Networking Research (CCNR) , Monash University,

Members of the Advisory Committee include:

Gary Hardy, Centre for Community Networking Research, · Larry Stillman,
Centre for Community Networking Research; · Craig Anderson, VICLINK
(Victorian Public Libraries' Network);  Tony Hill, Internet Society of
Australia, ISOC-AU;  Patrick Moriarty, OurCommunity.Com.au;  Inez van
Polanen, Womens' Information and Referral Exchange;  Mark Samuel-King,
Knowledge Collaboration;  Claire Shearman, Communities Online (UK), Global
Community Networking; Leone Wheeler, Community Services / Regional
Partnerships, RMIT University;  Ken Young; · Derek Whitehead, Library and
Information Services, Swinburne University

Larry Stillman & Gary Hardy
Centre for Community Networking Research,  Monash University, www.ccnr.net
2002 at ccnr.net
PO Box 197 Caulfield East, Victoria, 3145

Registration, and industry display  inquires to Mediawise
mediawise at vicnet.net.au.
Larry Stillman
Accessibility and Evaluation Unit VICNET
& Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash University
03  9903 1801
www.vicnet.net.au  www.ccnr.net

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