[MLB-WIRELESS] Setting up node in Rowville

Dr Newbek vk3bek at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 17:19:06 AEDT 2021

I started getting bits together for a node about a year ago, but decided
that my approach of converted ex-Galaxy antennas and dumpster-dived routers
was a bit too 2005-style to be practical... I'm thinking of instead
investing in some of the Ubiquiti Powerbeam units for mounting on an 8
metre mast (currently used for VHF) or perhaps a bargeboard-mounted pole on
the side of the house.

I'd like to establish a link between my parents' place and my in-laws'
place (about 6 km away, line-of-site), but also have another unit as a
Melbourne Wireless node. I noticed that there are a few other nodes within
line of sight of me (my node ID is WZG).

Can anyone suggest a particular, general purpose bit of hardware (e.g.
would the Powerbeam PBE-M5-400 be suitable for instance?) and if any of you
are in the Rowville/SE Melb or surrounds, how would I go about connecting
to your node? Just getting some ideas before investing in hardware.
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