[MLB-WIRELESS] Nano bridge mounting

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Hi Ross!


If you can't find an experienced wireless nerd to help with selection and
design to help out with your replacement/repair project, I have always found
great advice can be had from your local TV antenna supplier.  In Geelong, we
have these guys  <http://www.academytv.com.au/> http://www.academytv.com.au/
who are literally full of useful and friendly advice on hardware selection
and mounting systems.  Whatsmore, there are usually half a dozen TV Antenna
installers hanging round picking up bits for their daily rounds - like Jims
Antenna type guys and freelancers who sometimes chip in with some useful (or
not ;) comments.


I'm sure that there are plenty of similar suppliers throughput Melbourne and
suburbs, and as 'industry' suppliers, these kind of places are relatively
well priced, compared with more general equipment suppliers like jaycar et


All the best with it - in any case, having built a rig that only came down
after 125K winds, sounds like you are now more experienced than many others
on this list anyhow! :-D


Cheers!  Mike.


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I need to mount my 2.5 - 3 metre mast on the" flat tin"  section of my roof 

Node KQB was humming along nicely until hit by the freak winds a few months
ago (registered 125 KMS\ HR on the weather station) and ripped of half my
chimney :-(


Yes it wasn't the smartest idea to mount it off a strapping around the
chimney I admit in hindsight ;-)


Anyway I need to get it fairly high - at least 2.5 metres to clear the
pitched roof at the front. I have perused the Radio Parts catalogue and not
been able to find an out of the box solution


Sorry for the "newby" question


Any advice appreciated



Ross Byrne


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