[MLB-WIRELESS] Nano bridge mounting

Ross Byrne mw at iready.com.au
Thu Jan 9 10:31:40 EST 2014



I need to mount my 2.5 - 3 metre mast on the" flat tin"  section of my roof 

Node KQB was humming along nicely until hit by the freak winds a few months
ago (registered 125 KMS\ HR on the weather station) and ripped of half my
chimney :-(


Yes it wasn't the smartest idea to mount it off a strapping around the
chimney I admit in hindsight ;-)


Anyway I need to get it fairly high - at least 2.5 metres to clear the
pitched roof at the front. I have perused the Radio Parts catalogue and not
been able to find an out of the box solution


Sorry for the "newby" question


Any advice appreciated



Ross Byrne


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