[MLB-WIRELESS] Node KBN now has a live gateway

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Wed Oct 15 22:25:59 EST 2008

Hi Folks,

Finally managed to work my way through some nasty ospf routing bugs, and
have finally gotten node KBN online to the MW network :)

To celebrate, I've put a proxy server online there with a walled garden of a
couple of hundred web sites, (including http://shop.duxtel.com ;-) and would
be most interested to hear any reports of how we are performing from various
locations around the MW net.

I'm seeing some pretty dodgy performance out of the MW web site, which I
*suspect* probably has something to do with that BIG hop across the bay
(nice one Peter!:) so I wouldn't expect top speed, but it is a cool thing to
be able to do I spose ;-)

To connect to the proxy, use



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