[MLB-WIRELESS] QoS and Voip on tomato with asus wl-500gp

Rohan Malhotra rohanmalhotra86 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 18:09:56 EST 2008

wow thats incredible what you have setup there Ratbaggy!

The problem is your using QoS rather than some form of traffic shaping. HTB
works quite well and is fairly easy to set up. You can mark individual
packets (such as all SIP traffic) using iptables, and the HTB rule will
allocate traffic just to it.>

i thought QoS was a form of traffic shaping! that is you tell QoS what
traffic is important and it prioritizing all outgoing traffic according to
what you told it. Presumably it does this by delaying other unimportant
traffic till the important stuff goes through thereby introducing latency
and shaping the peripheral less important traffic. *Sigh*

With regards to my QoS rules on tomato, i'm assuming what i have set is the
'marking of individual packets using iptables'? So then i need to install
HTB on tomato to do the 'allocation of traffic part'?

I do have a spare as yet unused server computer with Centos on it- a while
ago i considered experimenting with x86 servers as opposed to the wrt type
things- only qualm i have is its presumed power consumption, that is if i
opt to use the x86 server instead of my asus wl-500gp (which from what i
know uses next to nothing in terms of power requirements) i'll have to pay a
premium for power consumption? Centos looks a little unfriendly as it is,
i'd probably start my experiments with IPcop or some basic intro server
distro first (assuming that they all do HTB and wondershaper and the rest)
if i have to go that route, but i would very much prefer to utilise the
wrt-type asus thing to max if possible.

thanks for your insight guys!
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