[MLB-WIRELESS] Internet in Geelong

Harrison Caldicott harrison at dpidesign.com.au
Wed May 4 18:13:39 AEST 2016

Hi Guys,

Quick one for you all - does anyone within a few hops of node KWF have a 
(reasonably fast) net connection they'd be happy to share with me over 
VPN for a few weeks for a slab or you choice of $50 cold hard cash if 
you value money over delicious, delicious beer?

Moved into a new unit and the developers royally farked getting my place 
set up with telstra. First they screwed the lead in, then Telstra had to 
do distribution cable upgrades, now I'm waiting on a pit and a bunch of 
other crap to get online.

I'm dying to play a few rounds of CS:GO and get back online after 
waiting 6 months for this place to be built with all my PC stuff in a 
storage unit, so any help would be great. Needs to be somewhat close to 
KWF so the ping isn't totally rooted. :)

Also - anyone in the Geelong area have anything of interest shared on 
the network? *cough* I'm happy to share my plex server with anyone 
interested if they can stream me GoT S06E02 xoxox *cough*

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