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Hi Ross,

I've recently ordered a Netatmo one.  The base unit includes an indoor and
outdoor unit (indoor one connects to your wifi, outdoor one connects to the
indoor unit wirelessly)  They measure temperature, humidity and air
pressure.  Wind and rain sensors are additional (they require the base unit
to work).  It logs everything to a cloud service so you can monitor it
remotely, and you can optionally add to a shared weather map:

They are available locally - $300 for the main unit, $200 for the wind
sensor and $150 for the rain sensor.  Or around 2/3 that price on Amazon.

(Disclosure, these links include my Amazon referral code)

Main weather station - US$149 -

Wind gauge - US$100 -

Rain gauge - US$74 -


On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 9:07 AM, maurice at rtgaming.org <maurice at rtgaming.org>

> I purchased a wireless one from buntings for my mother about 3 years ago
> and it's been going strong I forget the brand but it was about $200.
> Only issue there was; was the battery in the base station going flat and
> the base station acting weird. New battery fixed it. So not really a issue.
> They do have them with computer logging also if that's what you are after.
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> Hi
> Can anyone recommend a weather station?  Looking at ones in Jaycar, etc.
> they seem pretty rudimentary L
> Any suggestions  welcome
> Thanks
> Ross Byrne
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