Russell Smith mr-russ at smith2001.net
Sat Nov 21 09:06:50 AEDT 2015

Hi Richard,

The in.mw.org.au is registered in public DNS.  So even when not 
connected to Melbourne Wireless you can resolve the hostnames.

The records are managed and collected from the Melbourne Wireless website.


So you can set hostnames for *.jyk.in.my.org.au.  On the website you can 
associate a name with an IP address.  That is the name that will be put 
for that node.



On 20/11/15 09:13, Richard Edwards wrote:
> Hi All
> Hoping someone can help me. I note that  .in.mw.org.au is the network
> wide domain name and we can assign hostnames/IP's combinations in the
> "my
> nodes" section
> i.e. I can assign nodejyk.in.mw.org.au
> My quick question is what are the network wide DNS Servers so I can put
> them in my resolv.conf?
> cheers
> Richard
> Node JYK and KWS
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