[MLB-WIRELESS] Node Database and Wiki housekeeping...

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Did you know there is a function built into the website that send emails 
to you if nodes are updated within a radius of yours.

The setting is within your node setup.

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> I'm by no means a coder but I would have thought a simple quick fix 
> would be a new "Inactive" node status with a simple bit of code that 
> flags a node as inactive after several years of no 
> activity/login/updates on the node database.  At the same time an 
> automatic email would go to the owner notifying them of this.  This 
> then puts the onus on them to login and and update the node status as required.

Good idea. I was thinking, how hard would it be to make it so that whenever a new node is entered in the database, an automatic email is sent to all nodes within a reasonable distance of the new node? At the moment, if one is looking for peers, then one must constantly check the node listing, which I'm sure many interested people have forgotten to do.

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