[MLB-WIRELESS] Node Database and Wiki housekeeping...

sneeze at alphalink.com.au sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Mon Nov 9 20:37:40 AEDT 2015

This is a good idea but I can't help but feel it's jumping far ahead of
what's needed right at this very moment.

I'm by no means a coder but I would have thought a simple quick fix would be
a new "Inactive" node status with a simple bit of code that flags a node as
inactive after several years of no activity/login/updates on the node
database.  At the same time an automatic email would go to the owner
notifying them of this.  This then puts the onus on them to login and and
update the node status as required.

If this were implemented I daresay we would see more than 50% of the node
list go inactive and provide a much more accurate picture of where things are at.

It would also remove the disappointment many would be getting when firing off
a dozen emails to nearby "nodes" only to receive no replies because they
stopped using the email address linked to their node 6 years ago and actually
moved to a different suburb 5 years ago.  I've mentioned before that I can
identify at least 4 supposedly operational nodes around me that actually no
longer even reside at those locations.  If I can find that many within cooee
of myself, then that number must be huge when you consider the entire database.

The alive status is a good idea but will this also take into account to the
various smaller groups of nodes that are active and linking however unable to
connect into the larger network?  Do we setup VPN links to the MW server from
10 small clusters to be able to ping them as well, or are they to be
considered dead (not alive) because they can't connect to the wider network?


On 9/11/2015 7:51 PM, Russell Smith wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Can you send me a sample, I can cook up a webservice to receive it and
process it, then you can send it whenever you like.
> Regards
> Russell
> On 09/11/15 07:07, Peter Buncle wrote:
>> Thinking about this it should be possible no problem if we can setup ssh
access from the me site ip a scrip can dump the route table and compare that
against allocations to a node. Then if one of the subnets is in the table, it
assume the node is alive and updates the alive status with last update time
>> We will need to create another status on the site tho like alive 
>> Thoughts.
>> Cheers
>> Peter

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