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Andrew van Slageren andrewvsm at yahoo.com.au
Tue Mar 24 23:18:31 AEDT 2015

Hi there,

The Melbourne Wireless network is not a mesh network in the typical 
ad-hoc sense. It's more just a number of interconnected nodes, made up 
of either point-to-point links (one ap, one client), or 
point-to-multipoint links (one ap, many clients).

As for firmware, that will depend on the hardware used at node you're 
connecting to. The majority of nodes are running either Ubiquiti or 
Mikrotik AP's, using their propitiatory TDMA protocols (AirMax for 
Ubiquiti, NV2 or Nstreme for Mikrotik). Unfortunately that's going to 
pretty much rule out any custom firmware, as while OpenWRT will run on 
hardware from both manufacturers, you'll lose the propitiatory TDMA smarts.


On 20/03/2015 2:13 PM, Outback Dingo wrote:
> HI,
> Id like to inquire about joining melbourne wireless and adding a few 
> nodes. I own a WISP so am familiar with mesh networking
> and have depployed and done wireless development for many years. I 
> currently have deployed over 500 nodes in 7 countries.
> All utilizing custom firmware based off OpenWRT and Ubiquiti products 
> mostly. I would like to know what required to join nodes.
> What firmware configuration is neccesary, and would it be required to 
> use your formwares, or can i roll my own??
> Is melbourne wireless a mesh node based network? or all single AP / 
> hotspot type deployment?
> Thanks
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