Peter Buncle Peter at nmc.net.au
Sat Jul 12 02:49:49 EST 2014

Hi Ross

All fixed.

Kind Regards

Peter Buncle
Sales / Senior Network Architect
MCSE, CNE, VMWare VCP5, Blackberry, Compaq ASE, Milestone Cert, Cisco Premier, AOCP

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Corporate / Government   IT Sales & Network Solutions.
P 03 9755 5750
F 03 9754 8422
M 0417 556 221

*  Networks * Switches * Servers * Virtualisation * Desktops * Notebooks * Storage Solutions
* Backup Solutions * Firewalls/VPN * Wireless networks and Remote links
* IP Security Camera Solutions * CCTV * UPS Solutions * Home/Business  Automation

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Can anyone tell me how to get my status changed to member ( I have paid )

I was going to have a look at the Wiki for my node KQB  - maybe put something there, but I am down as an expired member :-(

Ross Byrne

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