[MLB-WIRELESS] Request : No_ISP and Nodecity : Network of Community Networks : NCN on NBN

Donal irldexter at nodecity.com
Fri Feb 1 15:03:53 EST 2013

Ack, thanks for response, sounds good... and let's synch out of band too...


On 1 February 2013 14:36, Mike Everest <mw at freenet.net.au> wrote:
> Hi Donal,
> Perhaps you might consider making a brief presentation at a general meeting
> (held once each month in Hawthorn) about what you are doing and what you
> hope to achieve.
> It seems likely to me that there may be a lot of synergy between what MW is
> doing as a group, and what you guys are up to.  There may be some ways that
> we can work out some integrated approach to suit both purposes - maybe a way
> to use virtualAPs and VLANs so that every MW node could act also as a base
> for your activities as well?
> Putting my MW membership hat aside, and putting on my work hat, I'd also
> like to talk to you more about your objectives and immediate needs - perhaps
> my company (DuxTel.com) can assist in some way through assistance with
> hardware/software needs?
> Cheers,  Mike Everest.
> Node KBN

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