[MLB-WIRELESS] Request : No_ISP and Nodecity : Network of Community Networks : NCN on NBN

Donal irldexter at nodecity.com
Fri Feb 1 14:03:39 EST 2013

Hi guys and gals,

First post,… my name is Donal @irldexter from http://nodecity.com/ and
we're a small socially minded network/security outfit based in
Melbourne and Sydney. We build silicon and carbon based networks. We
do some high-end stuff like Enterprise data centre/network/security
consulting for other System Integrators (to pay the bills), but prefer
our direct SMB clients for whom we build 'Enterprise IT for the little
guys'.. clients like Hub Melbourne, York Butter Factory, Inspire9,
Pollenizer, etc. We prefer socially minded orgs *especially*
coworking/incubator spaces as we feel that we can have the greatest
and most amplified positive effect in the community with our skill
set. Additionally we do volunteer tech to help reduce the snake oil in
IT and try to put some additional trust, resources, and goodwill back
in to things.. things like yearly large scale outdoor networks for
RACVEnergyBreakthrough in Maryborough, citywide efforts with the
Department of Technology San Francisco's community broadband networks,
advice to Green School Bali, operational assistance to the
Permaculture Research Institute(NSW), and a range of event networks
for (un)conferences/Jellies.

Currently we're also a fully paid cooperative member of
http://noisp.coop and recently, after a City of Melbourne
unconference, we pitched a plan to the CIO to build a 'Network of
Community Networks' platform atop the No_ISP/NBN backbone that will
incorporate CBD/Municipal free WiFi, an #OpenData clearinghouse, with
civic engagement/sensor nets in many forms… all hopefully leading to a
'Smarter City'! There's tonnes more to this but it's all voluntary
(the big vendors are not-involved as they don't have the vision nor do
they smell blood in the water yet) yet it is a big undertaking that is
starting out small, lean, and fast. Out first challenge is a
PoC(Proof-Of-Concept) whereby we need to get NBN service in to the
CoM(CityOfMelbourne) area where it doesn't currently exist. We've
identified a possible radio tower atop Savers (Brunswick) but are
looking for other edges/POPs to beam in some No_ISP cooperative
Internets to locations like social affordable housing, aged care,
immigrant learning labs etc.

Note: Here's 2 small links of images (http://s.nodecity.com/comnbn ,
http://s.nodecity.com/hldvision ) to explain the areas involved and
the macro vision. We've already tried to get DBCDE funding with CoM
but they (DBCDE) don't get the triple play nor the value of platforms
and their governance is top heavy. Nodecity(Donal) and
No_ISP(Phillip/Mark) want to get one site up, if at all possible, to
*show* CoM rather than *tell* them how it will work. Many people don't
realise yet how you can beam Internets :) Additionally we're all
ex/current Cisco, Telstra, Telco/Mobile, Enterprise engineers and
architects who want to create some positive change on the ground ->
and our band of merry warriors operate as cooperatives/non-profits.

Request: Can any of you potentially help with sharing access on a
tower as a mini-POP for 1 or 2 Ubiquiti Nano M5s (5Ghz, 0.4kg, 294 x
31 x 80 mm) and/or would be open to us dropping a small modem/router
in under some sort of sharing arrangement?

(once we know possible tower locations we can then see what LoS we
have regarding endpoints etc. thanks for access to your

Humble regards,

Donal 0411954168
The Nodecity Team

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