[MLB-WIRELESS] Melbourne Wireless site and SSL.

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Tue Jul 24 19:36:01 EST 2012

I would love people to be more involved.

I wrote an email to the coders list about a week ago regarding what 
we'll need to do to change from Google Maps API v2 to V3. In about 11 
months, v2 will stop working - so we may as well look at it now.

As yet, I haven't had a reply from anyone :(

Steven Haigh

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On 24/07/2012 11:21 AM, Mike Everest wrote:
> Obvious solution: schedule this topic to be discussed at the next
> general meeting.  Take a vote (of financial members) and the outcome
> applies with no further argument or discussion.
> The person or persons who have control or capacity to action the
> decision either do so as soon as possible, or relinquish control to
> other/s who are willing to do it.
> If there is no other persons are willing and able, then the behaviour
> reverts to the way it has always been.
> It can’t be that hard, can it? ;-)
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> Steve, you're misrepresenting what was discussed.
> You acted without authority by prematurely making the switch in spite
> what was said by our elected President.
> I'm not against us switching to SSL, it makes a lot of sense to do so
> for *authenticated* actions on our website.  But *not* with the minority
> SSL root certificate authority you installed.
> And it still doesn't make sense to *force* SSL for all traffic, when 99%
> of our traffic is by anonymous users for *public* content.
> My phone doesn't show a certificate warning - it presents an error
> message when I try to connect on my Nokia E52-2 with current (v91.003,
> 03-Apr-2012) firmware.  I can browse other SSL sites fine, just not
> Melbourne Wireless'.  Yes, this is probably a bug but it's non-trivial -
> half the time that I'm using our website is when I'm on a roof and the
> phone is the device with a browser at hand.  Nokia are currently the 2nd
> biggest seller of mobile phones, so I don't believe that I'd be the only
> person affected if you persist with the current SSL root CA.
> Regards,
> Tyson.
> On 20 July 2012 20:10, Steven Haigh <netwiz at crc.id.au
> <mailto:netwiz at crc.id.au>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're having a bit of indecision at the moment, so I decided to get the
> input of the majority on the list on the matter.
> I've configured up https://www.melbournewireless.org.au to work to get
> the entire web site over an SSL encrypted link. This helps protect your
> privacy while operating over unencrypted or insecure links. It also
> helps keep your details while logging into the site safe.
> There have been differing opinions between the dev teams and committee
> regarding if the site should be moved to https (SSL encrypted) only.
> It is my personal belief that in this day and age that everything that
> can be secure in transit is configured so that it is. Google etc seem to
> feel the same - as all of their services are available via https (yes,
> even YouTube!).
> I'd like to get the opinion of the list into if Melbourne Wireless
> should default to https access to the site - thereby reaping the
> benefits of SSL. Existing non-ssl access (ie via
> http://www.melbournewireless.org.au) will be redirected to the secure
> version of the same content.
> This has the up side that by default, everything on the site will be
> secure from eavesdropping on unsecured connections. A side benefit is
> that it will also consolidate all our domains within various search
> engines - increasing our ranking.
> The down site is that some odd devices may throw up a security warning
> when you try to visit the site. At this point, I have only managed to
> find a single Nokia phone that does this.
> Tested working:
>          * Windows 7: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari
>          * Windows XP: Chome, IE, Firefox, Safari
>          * Linux: RHEL 6.2 + Firefox
>          * Android Gingerbread + ICS Browser
>          * Apple iPad + Safari
> Tested with warning:
>          * Tysons Nokia something phone.
> If you would like to expand this list, feel free to browse to
> https://www.melbournewireless.org.au on any device you can.
> Any general discussion on this is also welcome. (Please CC
> committee at wireless.org.au <mailto:committee at wireless.org.au> with your
> thoughts).
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