[MLB-WIRELESS] Melbourne Wireless site and SSL.

Daniel Carosone daniel.carosone at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 07:06:40 EST 2012

> There have been differing opinions between the dev teams and committee
regarding if the site should be moved to https (SSL encrypted) only.
> It is my personal belief that in this day and age that everything that
can be secure in transit is configured so that it is. Google etc seem to
feel the same - as all of their services are available via https (yes, even

Yes, available by https..

Some old arguments against, like fear of excessive cpu, are unfounded.
Those are not the only reasons.

> I'd like to get the opinion of the list into if Melbourne Wireless should
default to https access to the site - thereby reaping the benefits of SSL.
Existing non-ssl access (ie via http://www.melbournewireless.org.au) will
be redirected to the secure version of the same content.

Unavailable by http - that's not the same thing.

> This has the up side that by default, everything on the site will be
secure from eavesdropping on unsecured connections. A side benefit is that
it will also consolidate all our domains within various search engines -
increasing our ranking.

Careful with that axe, Eugene.

It's my understanding that search engines do not generally index ssl
content. This from when I was suggesting we do something similar for a new
bank a few years back.

So if you care about that, think again.
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