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OK, noted!

You are now number 2 in line.  Sorry, but it's first in! :-}


If the other guy/s can't do it before you, then it's yours ;-)


If anyone else wants to be in on the 'race' - it's still open! 


Just in case this deal sounds a little bit dodgy, some additional
explanation:  we've moved to a new address, and I was intending to just
abandon the gear as a 'freebee' for the next tenants, but the landlord is
insisting we take it down. his loss! ;-)  He wants it done asap, thus first
in gets the prize!


Cheers,  Mike.


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Will gladly use this!

I'm currently out of town so it will be a weekend or two before the
logistics can be organised.

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 10:26 AM, <mw at freenet.net.au> wrote:

Hi Folks,

I have a 6m (2 pc) telomast complete with ubiquiti nanobridge (22dBi) plus
mikrotik RC522, available free to the first taker.

The only catch is that it is currently in place on top of a 6m high
warehouse in North Geelong, so to claim the gear, you need to take it down!

As an additional bonus, anyone who can retrieve that gear can also claim the
nanobridge and mikrotik that used to be on the remote end of those links.
That's two complete links for an afternoon's effort! ;-)

If interested, let me know when you'd like to collect, and I'll tell you the
address and any other details you need!

Thanks! :-)

Regards,  Mike Everest.

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