[MLB-WIRELESS] RF coverage maps

Greg McLennan mclennan at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 6 23:02:17 EST 2012

Hi all,

     I have been digging for a good  RF coverage map generator, and 
found something that was reasonably easy to use.
I went to http://www.cloudrf.com/ .. I had to sign up :( . There I used 
the KML option for google earth, although the interface was a bit rough, 
but was able to get it going. There looks to be an android app to do the 
same stuff..
The only limit is that it will do < 10Km radius  area's for free,  >10Km 
you have to pay $ for a generated KML file output.
     Still 10KM isnt too bad an image.

Below is the approximate RF signal level coverage(-dBm levels) for node 
KMT around Geelong. Input details for the generated image below are for 
8Meters TX height(KMT has 15dBi omni @ 2.4GHz) and set at 4Meter high RX 
site @ 4 Watts eirp.

Different antennas can be selected in the menu to suit your site.

Greg, VK3JIY
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