[MLB-WIRELESS] Stuff to give away or best offer.

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Wed Jan 12 18:59:19 EST 2011

After a bit of a clean out, I've got the following to give away to 
anyone who wants to make use of it.

The only catch is that you have to come get it - or if someone wants to 
pick the lot up and take it to a meet.......

1 x Gigabyte GA-8PENXP mainboard with P4 3.0Ghz CPU

1 x Asus P4B266 mainboard with P4 1.6Ghz CPU

1 x Gigabyte 6VXDC7 mainboard with dual P3 Ghz CPUs (this was running as 
the wireless.org.au web server for quite a while!)

1 x complete Compaq 1850R (dual CPU, 2 x 9.1Gb SCSI HDDs), CDROM etc

2 x Acer slimline desktop cases (no PSU, m/b etc)

1 x Industrial PC (2 x seperate systems on cards) Celeron CPUs or 
similar. Currently in rack mount case - case not included - this will 
house my new radio project :)

If anyone wants to offload some working computer power supplies, I'm 
also after 2 or so desktop power supplies, 350W or above - either AT or 
ATX to convert to 12v / 5v power supplies for communications gear + 

I also have a couple of bits of cisco gear that I'm looking at disposing 
on a 'best offer' basis...

1 x Cisco 827H ADSL modem/router
1 x Cisco 2611 with ADSL WIC
1 x Cisco 5300 with 2 x modem MICA, 1 x quad E1/PRI
1 x Cisco 5200 with 1 x modem MICA, 1 x dual serial E1?

Steven Haigh

Email: netwiz at crc.id.au
Web: http://www.crc.id.au
Phone: (03) 9001 6090 - 0412 935 897
Fax: (03) 8338 0299

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