[MLB-WIRELESS] World Wifi record

Peter Berrett vk3pb at optusnet.com.au
Sat Dec 31 15:32:36 EST 2011

Mt Donna Buang?

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> At 12:35 PM 12/31/2011, Peter Berrett wrote:
>>Dear Dave
>>I have a 90cm offset dish that I could tack my cantenna onto and I live 
>>right by Mt Dandenong.
>>I am off work until 10th January. Want to try for the record? You would 
>>head out to Ballarat and I'd park myself up at Skyhigh.
>>The only issue is what dongle or router should I use at my end?
> Again, I question the wisdom of using Mt Dandenong as a site, due to the 
> extremely high noise levels from Melbourne.  Using teo good rural 
> locations should give the best chance at a decent range.
> 73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL
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