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2011/12/30 Matt Chipman <mrbc42 at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I just rejoined MW after many years and had a few questions.
> - is there any 5ghz equipment deployed on the Mt Dandenong towers?  I have
> LOS to them from Cranbourne east and cant seem to pick up anything related
> to MW
> I can see MTD-AP and a couple like this but nothing with Melbwireless ESSID
> as mentioned in the wiki,

As far as I was aware there was  GHO-North-5.8.melbournewireless and
GHO-South-5.8.melbournewireless, though the Wiki indicates this has
been repurposed (I remember Peter mentioning it might be re-purposed
if no-one was using it).

You might also have trouble getting a good LOS to GHO from Cranbourne
since the GHO stations face out from the east side of Mt. Dandenong.

> Secondly, are the "operational" nodes listed in the wiki truly up? ie are
> they monitored and reflected on the webpage or just listed as operational
> due to the selection when the member joined?

Unfortunately not. The status of a node is entirely controlled by the
member. It's possible to use OSPF to look up if a particular IP range
(and this member) is on the network, but has to be done by hand.

Node JQY

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