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David Nuttall wireless at smithsgully.net
Wed Dec 28 13:18:33 EST 2011

Hi Peter,

How about we start out with the Australian WiFi record?  I believe the 
W.A. guys established a fairly long link out to Rottnest Island some 
time back.  However, I know of no longer link than Peter Buncle's hop 
from Kallista to the original Highton location at around 100 Km's.

A Picnic/BBQ trip to Mt Buninyong would give us a path of 127 Km back to 
node GHO at Mt Dandenong.

I donated a 2.4 m domestic sat dish and Rob B built up a 2.4 GHz feed 
and tripod for the dish.  They are still sitting in my shed ready for 
such a project.



On 27/12/2011 10:30 PM, Peter Berrett wrote:
> Hi all
> Would anyone out there be interested in attempting the world 
> unamplified 2.4 ghz wifi record?
> The record I think is held by some Venezuelans (some Italians hold the 
> 5.7 Ghz record).
> The strategy would be as follows
> 1. Use an established MW node such as GHO North as one end of the link.
> 2. Go about 400 km+ in the direction the node antenna is pointing and 
> erect a node and directional antenna, perhaps solar powered, with a 
> small computer and high gain antenna pointing at the MW node. Perhaps 
> our friends at the Adelaide wireless group could set up a node in 
> their group pointing at us?
> 3. Monitor 2.4 ghz beacons and when there is some tropospheric ducting 
> try the link. Or better still just automate things so that when the 
> station is heard it automatically tries to transfer a video from one 
> end of the link to the other.
> Successful transfer of video = world record
> cheers
> Peter VK3PB
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