[MLB-WIRELESS] World Wifi record

Peter Berrett p.berrett at optusnet.com.au
Tue Dec 27 22:30:29 EST 2011

Hi all

Would anyone out there be interested in attempting the world unamplified 2.4 ghz wifi record?

The record I think is held by some Venezuelans (some Italians hold the 5.7 Ghz record).

The strategy would be as follows

1. Use an established MW node such as GHO North as one end of the link.

2. Go about 400 km+ in the direction the node antenna is pointing and erect a node and directional antenna, perhaps solar powered, with a small computer and high gain antenna pointing at the MW node. Perhaps our friends at the Adelaide wireless group could set up a node in their group pointing at us?  

3. Monitor 2.4 ghz beacons and when there is some tropospheric ducting try the link. Or better still just automate things so that when the station is heard it automatically tries to transfer a video from one end of the link to the other.

Successful transfer of video = world record


Peter VK3PB


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