[MLB-WIRELESS] Christmas Donations

Shaun Clarke shaun.clarke at elvtechnology.com.au
Sun Dec 11 20:39:57 EST 2011

Since it seems others have been here giving away free stuff, I thought I'd
join in too!


I've got 2 x PowerEdge 2850 servers and 1 x PowerEdge 1850 server complete
with mounting rails which are just laying around gathering dust. It would be
good to see them get a new home where they can be better utilised. I bought
them for use at home but since all my IT stuff is located indoors, they were
just too noisy for my application. Ended up buying a nice low-noise,
low-power ATOM based server from SuperMicro which works a treat.


I've also got an ~38RU MFB comms rack available. Note however that it isn't
deep enough to hold servers, but will work fine for other purposes such as
AV or network switches etc. It doesn't have castors either but they can be
purchased. Bought this off eBay a while ago and ended up scoring a
full-depth cabinet from work, so I have no need for this one anymore.


Pickup would be from Carrum Downs and while I'm willing to give this stuff
away for free, if you've got stuff you're hoarding and would like to get rid
of, feel free to make a trade offer!


If anyone's interested, just let me know and I'll get some more information.


Merry Chrsitmas!




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Shaun Clarke

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