[MLB-WIRELESS] Embedded Wireless Bridge

Shaun Clarke shaun.clarke at elvtechnology.com.au
Thu Nov 18 17:52:37 EST 2010

I have a particular project I'm working on and I was hoping to get some
input regarding wireless bridges.


For this specific project, I have a portable battery powered device which I
need to provide IP connectivity to through the use of a wireless client


Specifically, I need this to be as compact, lightweight, efficient and most
importantly as stable as possible. I also need several Ethernet ports so
I'll need an embedded switch as well.


I was looking at the Microtik RouterBOARD systems and was just wondering if
anyone had and feedback on them.


For the same project I also need a solution to transfer RS-232 from a
desktop computer to this portable unit.


I know there are many IP to RS-232 adapters available and I can simply
connect one to the Ethernet port however is there any chance of integrating
this into the client bridge at all?




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