[MLB-WIRELESS] Debugging 915mhz weather station?

Andrew van Slageren andrewvsm at yahoo.com.au
Sun Mar 21 11:33:10 EST 2010

Or hack up one of these for a 900mhz spectrum analyser on the cheap - 


Mike Everest wrote:
> If you have a 900M receiver with spectrum analyser on it, you could 
> test your theory.
> If you had a mikrotik routerBoard (from shop.duxtel.com.au) with a 
> 900M radio like someone was promoting on this list a few days ago, 
> then you could run the spectrum analyser and compare the results with 
> the weather station on, and off.
> My guess, though, would be that the transmitter is probably OK, but 
> the receiver may be damaged. Being a weather station, it is obviously 
> intended to be mounted in a reasonably high place outdoors – thus 
> susceptible to lightning damage. And lightning damage usually affects 
> the receiver systems - they go ‘deaf’ ;-)
> The only way to test /that/ would be to run diagnostics on the 
> receiver circuitry – so apart from getting out your CRO, there’s 
> probably not much you can do that swap out the radio systems with new 
> components ;-)
> Cheers!
> Mike.
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> Hi All,
> I just bought a wireless weather station at the sunday market, its a 
> La Crosse WS1600IT. But of course, I can't get it to connect (probably 
> why he was selling it cheap!) But where there is a will, there is a 
> way I always say!
> Its uses a 915Mhz transmitter/receiver. Following the correct startup 
> procedure, the receiver unit just flashes the "connecting" icon and 
> does not connect.
> There are no lights, indicators on the transmitter, so my first guess 
> would be the transmitter is not working. Is there a way I can detect 
> if the transmitter is transmitting?
> Any other ideas about how to debug it?
> I'll call the distributor on Monday and see if I can get a new/spare 
> transmitter.
> regards,
> Murray
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