[MLB-WIRELESS] Debugging 915mhz weather station?

Mike Everest mw at freenet.net.au
Sun Mar 21 10:31:16 EST 2010

If you have a 900M receiver with spectrum analyser on it, you could test
your theory.
If you had a mikrotik routerBoard (from shop.duxtel.com.au) with a 900M
radio like someone was promoting on this list a few days ago, then you could
run the spectrum analyser and compare the results with the weather station
on, and off.
My guess, though, would be that the transmitter is probably OK, but the
receiver may be damaged.  Being a weather station, it is obviously intended
to be mounted in a reasonably high place outdoors - thus susceptible to
lightning damage.  And lightning damage usually affects the receiver systems
- they go 'deaf' ;-)
The only way to test /that/ would be to run diagnostics on the receiver
circuitry - so apart from getting out your CRO, there's probably not much
you can do that swap out the radio systems with new components ;-)


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Hi All,

I just bought a wireless weather station at the sunday market, its a La
Crosse WS1600IT.  But of course, I can't get it to connect (probably why he
was selling it cheap!)  But where there is a will, there is a way I always

Its uses a 915Mhz transmitter/receiver.  Following the correct startup
procedure, the receiver unit just flashes the "connecting" icon and does not

There are no lights, indicators on the transmitter, so my first guess would
be the transmitter is not working.  Is there a way I can detect if the
transmitter is transmitting?

Any other ideas about how to debug it?

I'll call the distributor on Monday and see if I can get a new/spare

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