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ESXi 4+ only works on 64 bit environments, for 32 bit environments you'll  
need ESXi 3.5... Watch out for driver support too!

As for storage, keep in mind ESXi 4 (and I believe 3.5, correct me if I'm  
wrong) can support iSCSI storage, so for lower end VMs that don't need high  
speed access to disk, theres always the option of building another box for  
dedicated storage using something such as Openfiler. At home I use ESXi on  
a whitebox with a single Q6600 C2D cpu with an openfiler system as storage  
for it, it happily runs about a dozen linux VMs and a few windows VMs at  

On Mar 17, 2010 4:47pm, Roger Plant <rplant at melbpc.org.au> wrote:

> I have 3, maybe 4 * 72k hot swap scsi drives (10k I think)

> If esxi 4.5+ wont install on it, I imagine 3.5 will.

> Regards

> Roger

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> vpn

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> 3.5" 10k hotswap SCSI, currently configured in hardware RAID1.

> I can chuck ESXi on one tonight and make sure that it's all supported.

> mw at freenet.net.au wrote:

> > Perfect! :-) What kind of disks? A bit more storage would be ideal, but

> > not a killer, that's for sure.

> >

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> Roger Plant

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