[MLB-WIRELESS] possible vpn and public ip address allocation option

Roger Plant rplant at melbpc.org.au
Tue Mar 16 16:16:31 EST 2010


>> A single public IP address will be sufficient for many users, and this
>> hands them out quite
>> efficiently (being a /32 address), and saves a little routing space, as
>> it's tunnelled.

>Actually, there is no real need for a public IP address at the client - only
>one public address for the VPN server is required.  The VPN client interface
>need only be a private address on the MW range (

I think one of the aims of having a public ip address at the user was so they can
run a publicly accessible server, they have a public ip, and can run services on it as they 

Just so long as they don't have something excessively popular, that breaks melbourne 
wireless, but I notice rate limiting is available.


Roger Plant

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