[MLB-WIRELESS] possible vpn and public ip address allocation option

simonw1485 at optusnet.com.au simonw1485 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 16 11:00:22 EST 2010

Mike is very right here.

We need the VPN to let new users "try out" the network before they 
invest time and equipment into creating their own setup.


On 2010-03-16 9:44 AM, mw at freenet.net.au wrote:
> G'day,
> There are a couple of good reasons I can think of that would make this a
> good thing:
> 1.  fail-over.  When a major backbone link fails (e.g. Dandenong - Geelong)
> then it would be very useful to have a VPN fail-over take up the slack.
> 2.  satellite network connection.  When a new member wants to set up in the
> sticks (or an existing highly active member moves from inner city) having a
> VPN access to the MW proper provides some additional small incentive for
> other members to join and grow the local remote network into multiple nodes.
> The VPN can stay at least until such a time as that 'satellite' network
> grows to a point that there is an opportunity for a wireless link into the
> main network.
> It's all about growing the network and encouraging participation.  It's hard
> to get new members involved when there are no wireless APs to connect TO.
> And if the only AP in range is an isolated node in the bush, having a VPN
> backhaul into the main network can make quite a difference! ;-)
> Cheers!

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