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Hi Paul (and all)
I can't say that I'm surprised about that - without getting out google
earth's terrain maps, my recollection of that area where your node is marked
makes me think that you are pretty high up on that rise, and probably on the
downhill side toward waurn ponds - therefore I would have expected that you
wouldn't get a look at Leopold at all!
In any case, if you can detect KFI on your laptop, then you are almost
certain to get a good link with a rooftop client.  There are lots of ways
that you can implement that, but if you want a minimum of fuss and a ready
made solution, maybe consider something like this product from our (DuxTel)
online store:
If you are a financial MW member, you even get a 10% discount! ;-)

Cheers,  Mike.
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G'day guys,
Thanks again for your replies.
I remember looking into Melbourne wireless about 5 years ago it must have
been and there wasn't much around from memory.
The whole reason I jumped back onto it was because KFI was showing up as an
AP on my laptop in the lounge room with the melbournewireless subdomain!
We are relatively high up, so I'd like to try pointing at the Leopold AP to
see if I have any success.
What's the best way to position the antenna so its pointing as directly as
possible to the AP?

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Hey Paul,

I'm not sure if you'd be able to hit node KFI, but it looks like you should
have very good line of sight to KHI up on the Leopold hill.

We're running both standard 2.4gig and Ubiquiti 802.11n 5gig AP's up there,
so if you have something handy that you can point in that general direction,
have a scan and see if you can pick it up.


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Hi Paul,

You need to talk to Andrew of node KFI - look him up on the node register.

ANDREW!!! Are you listening? ;-)


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Hey Mike,

I'm located in Belmont, Geelong.

I registered the node and its call sign is KIP.

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Hi Paul,

Where are you located? Got a node registered in the melbournewireless
register yet?

Cheers, Mike (KBN)
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G'day guys,

I'm new to all this and just looking to get some information.

I've trawled through the resources on the website and was just keen on some
assistance to take it on from here.

I couldn't find much information regarding the Geelong area. I seem to be
surrounded by quite a few members, so it looks as though I'd be in business
regarding getting setup.

Is there anyone in particular I can contact to get some more general


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