[MLB-WIRELESS] Linksys WRT54G Configuration Woes

Paul Maric paul at maric.id.au
Wed Jul 21 17:25:59 EST 2010

Hi guys,

I'm currently testing all of my newly found equipment and I'm trying to
figure out if it's my antenna or configuration that are causing issues.

I'm attempting to connect to KFI, which is around 1.7km away with relatively
clear line of sight.

I have the following setup:

-> Client mode
--> SSID set to kfi.melbournewireless.org.au
--> Mixed mode

-> Set to the IP address, subnet and gateway given to me by Andrew of KFI

Andrew has added my MAC address to the allow list, so I should be sorted in
that regard.

Currently, if I do a site survey pointing the antenna in his direction I
generally can't find it. It's only when I set the Wireless to AP mode and
manually set channel 1 that I can see his AP and then click join.

>From there, I get nothing. It says it has successfully connected after
clicking join, but I can't do anything from there.

Can anyone suggest and other settings I would need to verify before I go
down the route of turfing the cheapie yagi antenna?

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