[MLB-WIRELESS] Server Q: Intel Atom 330's (Dual Core)

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Sun Sep 6 10:14:25 EST 2009

On 05/09/2009, at 11:49 PM, Victor wrote:

> Thanks everyone for the replies so far.
> At this stage will be sticking with a Intel Atom 330.
> When it comes to an OS for the server, I know a little bit (read NOT  
> a lot) about linux, enough to get me through things... Should I look  
> at setting up CentOS on this or is that possibly a bit too "much"  
> for a relative "youngin" into the world of Linux per se.

One way to get better :)

> I read somewhere that CentOS isn't for the light-hearted?

Personally, I think CentOS is great. It's pretty much RedHat  
Enterprise without the RedHat branding. There are packages available  
for just about anything and it's support lifetime is very long. CentOS  
runs the MW server and all the other things it does and it does a very  
good job at it. It's not a bleeding edge distro at all - so some  
things can be quite dated, however it is stable - which is what I care  

> Other possible options is FreeBSD, Debian 4 or Ubuntu 8.x (I have  
> FreeBSD and Ubunutu 8.x download the other month as I was going to  
> put them on an old (now dead) desktop and trial, atm not doing that  
> while I wait for some hardware (before you ask, I don't even have it  
> now. PSU went ZAP and saw some black marks along the mobo... trust  
> me, it was OLD!)

FreeBSD annoys me - I never figured out why, but it seems non-logical  
at times. Debian I've sworn off due to the excessive hippy culture  
around various things (mainly updates / critical updates / some  
package on a server somewhere) which annoyed me greatly when I was  
experimenting with it. Ubuntu seems good, but mainly geared for a  
desktop - and if you don't use the desktop components then it's mostly  
the same as Debian.

Steven Haigh

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