[MLB-WIRELESS] Server Q: Intel Atom 330's (Dual Core)

Adam Grigolato balcora1337 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 12:25:45 EST 2009

Im Runnin one right now,

Same stats,

Running Linux Gentoo X86_64

It actually is alot more powerful then it shows,
Dont think of it as 1.6Ghz P4 Equiv,
think of it more along the lines of Core Solo Equiv,
it can be optimized with the

If you want to optimize it to make it even faster,
Compile with "-march=nocona" Cflag.

I currently run,
UPnP media server (streaming 1080p XVID's to my Xbox :P)
While running Apache on a reasonably mid use website,
Asterisk (several lines to engin and 4 physical lines via an awsomely
hacked voice modem :P)
FTP server with Gentoo portage mirror.
VPN server :)

It seems to be handling it beautifully,
That and if you kill off enough of the extras on it, i.e. graphics you
can lower power consumption of the thing considerably, (The graphics
chip on most of the reference boards are a little overzealous power
consumers even when there not actually doing anything).

Other then that :) reccomend them, webpage off them would be easy done
on that :)

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