[MLB-WIRELESS] Server Q: Intel Atom 330's (Dual Core)

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Ahh, right - so the reference to home server means "a server to use at home"
and not specifically "windows home server" ;-)
In that case your proposed platform will likely be considerably better than
just adequate - the only additional suggestions I would make (and I highly
recommend this) would be to add a bit of RAM (memory is relatively cheap
these days) and then install VMWare ESXi on the server first, and then
install your windows as a Virtual Machine - give it 1 to 1.5gigs of RAM -
and you'll have enough room to install one or two linux systems as well.  A
great way to get the most out of your server hardware.
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Probably would be a 2k3 server. That or linux.
On Sep 5, 2009 10:30 AM, "Mike Everest" <mike at viewbankrise.net.au> wrote:
For basic web hosting, that is probably overkill.  I have a server with
lower specs than that running about 100 independent web sites on it.  Does
have a bit more RAM than your specs, but CPU is dual P4 550MHz and only
about 40 gigs of disk.
Web servers are seriously LOW system resource unless they are very VERY busy
(as in several thousand hits per minute) - what else do you intend to do
with it?  If it's not much else, I'd suggest that you ditch the idea of
windows home server and consider something simpler like windows 2003 or 2008
web edition.
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  Anyone know much about these? I am looking at setting up a home-server at
parents place for rem...
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