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Victor dawormie at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 11:36:19 EST 2009

Hope people don't mind me asking, have seen a mail or two before about
energy saving options etc.

I'm going to be getting a new hot water service soon and have two options

As New Rinnai Insta Heat water service - has done no more than 100 hours.
Reason for sale is it was installed brand-new when they moved in and then
less than a month later they changed to an electric powered setup -vs-
getting in bottled gas all the time (semi-remote property) still has all
warranty papers etc. so I can easily send those in and claim warranty from
today if I wanted.

Second option is what the people replace the above with.
A Freezer power hot water service. I'm not 100% certain on the mechanics
behind it all, but essentially it is that economical it still benefits from
the Government solar energy bizzo.

So all up the 1st option will cost me around $1000 with installation of
unit, labour is already costed ~$300 as very little work is needed to alter
my gas setup for installation, and I plan to remove the old unit myself if I
Second option is around $300 after government benefit (the guy who would do
it has installed a few already - and the average end-cost to the user for
simple setup is around $300.

Now, I'm not looking for the "Cheapest" solution, but the "best", I don't
plan on being in the house I'm in past 5-8 years really (if I want kids, I'm
(with luck) going to move to a slightly better area with less hoons and
screaming neighbours.

Thoughts ?

Victor ('Daworm')
Melbourne Wireless Node: KDJ & KDT
AoCWiki Sysop  (http://aoc.wikia.com/)
Twitter: @dawormie
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