[MLB-WIRELESS] Setting up node JQY

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Wed Jun 17 22:02:42 EST 2009


> Certainly looks like it will do what I want to achieve and saves on me
> having to scrape together all the separate parts. I'm just in the middle
> of signing up for my Melbourne Wireless membership right at the moment,
> which will give me a day or so to think over options.

Cool - if you've never used a mikrotik before, you'll be utterly impressed
with one, I'm sure!  The same kit can do 802.11a/b/g and now 802.11n as
well.  It can operate in 2.4G spectrum as well as any of the 5gig bands too
- just choose the antenna, set and go! :)

> I've just been chatting with Peter who said just to put down an address
> on the wiki and connect. :)

I believe him! :-D

Cheers,  Mike.

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