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Hi Steve,


Are you talking about sharing your connection with one other user, or
multiple?  Sometimes selection by price can be false economy, as folks often
end up mucking about with domestic grade equipment to only obtain a barely
functional service, only to eventually replace everything with something
more appropriate in the end.


I'm not saying that you shouldn't use minitar equipment for that purpose
though - just making a "you get what you pay for" point ;-)

In any case, it's always a good thing (IMO) to play around with that kind of
project :-)




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If i can eloborate on my idea i would like to extend my adsl connection a
few hundred metres up my street i live in a 2 storey house


so i am higher then anyone else and have line of site all the way. If
someone can recommend a AP and external antenna solution that would be


My budget is under $200 all up.



Previous comments: """

Just wondering if someone can advise where i can purchase Minitar AP'S from
in and external antenna with 3 mtr pigtail cable. 


I am wanting to setup a wireless network with a few hundred metres coverage.
Also any recommendations on 802.11n models ?





Steve Trim""""





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