[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless Links

Shaun Gunston shaung at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 14 00:41:16 EST 2009

Just after some assistance.

I'm a network admin for a school, and have 3 rooms that aren't networked.

Fibre is going to cost a bit, and these rooms won't be used for much, so I
thought a wireless link may do the job.

Pretty much the 3 rooms are next to each other, and have 3 building
surrounding them, which have network connectivity.

I would like some redundancy if possible, and as much bandwidth as possible.

Was thinking an UltraWAP with appropriate antenna on each building, pointing
to the closest networked one.

But this only provides 54Mbps, and one single link, no redundancy.

If anyone has any idea's it would be great.




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