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Althought not viral one good one I have seen at the corner of Springvale and 
Canterbury Roads is

"Look Behind You"

That gets  achuckle.

cheers Peter

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> Another fun one that I have seen of the late is "hpsetup":
> http://www.wlanbook.com/hpsetup-wifi-ssid/
> It comes from a HP wireless printer that operates over WiFi.
> 2008/12/3 Peter Berrett <berrettp at optusnet.com.au>:
>> As an experiment I want to put something like '..Free Public
>> WIFI..Here' (the .. Here is put in to make the SSID unique so that if I
>> see it again I know where it came from.) in my old laptop, kick it into
>> adhoc mode and go somewhere crowded where people have lots of laptops
>> and see how well it spreads.
>> I'd do it at the airport but these days they are very security concious
>> so its probbaly not a good idea to hang around there. Can anyone suggest
>> a location where lots of people are likely to be logging into their
>> laptops?
>> This could be fun seeing my SSID spread around the world.
> But yea this phenomenon is indeed very interesting. Many people
> probably have seen Free Public WiFi and it now has probably become a
> norm for the people who hangs at the airport, e.g workers.
> Hopefully the "hpsetup" thing can provide some food for thought on the
> alternative ways that this viral ssid phenomenon continues!!
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