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Mon Jan 12 21:54:17 EST 2009

Another fun one that I have seen of the late is "hpsetup":


It comes from a HP wireless printer that operates over WiFi.

2008/12/3 Peter Berrett <berrettp at optusnet.com.au>:
> As an experiment I want to put something like '..Free Public
> WIFI..Here' (the .. Here is put in to make the SSID unique so that if I
> see it again I know where it came from.) in my old laptop, kick it into
> adhoc mode and go somewhere crowded where people have lots of laptops
> and see how well it spreads.
> I'd do it at the airport but these days they are very security concious
> so its probbaly not a good idea to hang around there. Can anyone suggest
> a location where lots of people are likely to be logging into their
> laptops?
> This could be fun seeing my SSID spread around the world.

But yea this phenomenon is indeed very interesting. Many people
probably have seen Free Public WiFi and it now has probably become a
norm for the people who hangs at the airport, e.g workers.

Hopefully the "hpsetup" thing can provide some food for thought on the
alternative ways that this viral ssid phenomenon continues!!

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