[MLB-WIRELESS] Upload problems

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Hi Peter,

If it were over some kind of VPN (like pptp or pppoe etc) I would put a
wager on some kind of MTU issue - which isa typical cause of that kind of

What do pings to GUR look like to you?  Try some pings with varying data
sizes with no fragmentation:

ping -l 1000 -f 10.x.x.x
ping -l 1100 -f 10.x.x.x
ping -l 1200 -f 10.x.x.x
ping -l 1300 -f 10.x.x.x

If you suddenly get timeouts at around 1400-1500 bytes, then it is most
likely MTU issue.


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> Hi all
> I have been having great diffficulties uploading to GUR's ftp server. At
> first I thought it might just be Peter's server being full up but then I
> tried uploading to some internet sites and found that I was having similar
> difficulties.
> By contrast I can download from GUR at present at greater than 200KB/s -
> figure.
> Earlier this evening the upload speed would barely make 3 kB/s and would
> often cut out. At the moment it is about 9 KB/s.
> I noticed that the ftp uploads would start at quite a high rate but then
> they throttled back to much slower speeds. Interestingly the other day I
> was
> able to upload to GUR at quite fast speeds.
> What is going on here? Is my link to GHO throttled in some way? How can I
> get faster uploads?
> Thanks Peter (JXG)
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