[MLB-WIRELESS] Melbwireless Digest, Vol 36, Issue 5

The King of Foxes thekingoffoxes at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 16:13:36 EST 2008

Radio Mobile might be of some use to you, once you have your topography data
and the position of your node, you can plot the coverage areas, as in, it
will mark which areas will have signal above a certain level.

Randall Lasini wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that I have my node up and running (pity I cant find anybody to
> connect to *shrugs*, but them's the breaks), I was hoping that I could
> generate a "coverage" map of my antenna's around the neighborhood.
> Does anybody have any suggestions of a good program (or combination of
> programs) that I can use on my ASUSeee along with my bluetooth
> dongle&GPS so I can just scooter/walk around the blocks near my place,
> log the AP's signal quality then draw that as a different color regions
> on a map (like elevation lines) so I can then post on my node page &
> upload to the limited web content on the WRAP board.
> OS doesnt matter Linux or XP, either is good, as I got XP on it, and
> have a linux boot thumb drive as well.
> Any suggestions  would be Great.  I might even compose a howto if I get
> it working properly.
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