[MLB-WIRELESS] Any suggestions on a Good GPS/wireless Strength mapper?

Charles Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Thu Sep 11 02:05:40 EST 2008

Randall Lasini wrote:
> Hi all,
> Now that I have my node up and running (pity I cant find anybody to 
> connect to *shrugs*, but them's the breaks), I was hoping that I could 
> generate a "coverage" map of my antenna's around the neighborhood.
> Does anybody have any suggestions of a good program (or combination of 
> programs) that I can use on my ASUSeee along with my bluetooth 
> dongle&GPS so I can just scooter/walk around the blocks near my place, 
> log the AP's signal quality then draw that as a different color regions 
> on a map (like elevation lines) so I can then post on my node page & 
> upload to the limited web content on the WRAP board.
> OS doesnt matter Linux or XP, either is good, as I got XP on it, and 
> have a linux boot thumb drive as well.
> Any suggestions  would be Great.  I might even compose a howto if I get 
> it working properly.

Kismet and gpsd with a bluetooth gps receiver would be perfect for this 
I believe.

Charles Wyble (818) 280 - 7059
CTO Known Element Enterprises / SoCal WiFI project

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