[MLB-WIRELESS] Light Pole Nodes

Peter Long peterlong at rocketmail.com
Fri Oct 24 10:08:37 EST 2008

They wouldn't have to compete with iBurst from 19 December 2008.  I saw these a number of years ago but it was too expensive to deploy them.

I guess 3G and HSPA will be the wireless of the future. Prices are coming down.

See ya.......

Peter Long

--- On Fri, 24/10/08, Thomas Phillips <Thomas at phillips.net.au> wrote:

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> Subject: [MLB-WIRELESS] Light Pole Nodes
> To: Melbwireless at wireless.org.au
> Received: Friday, 24 October, 2008, 9:22 AM
> Hi guys,  has anyone ever considered approaching there local
> council  
> about putting up nodes on power poles and light poles like
> in this  
> picture.
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/i/100001-200000/150001-160000/153001-154000/153655.jpg
> Would be great competition to companies such as unwired and
> iBurst
> Cheers
> Tom Phillips
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