[MLB-WIRELESS] Routing protocols

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Tue Oct 14 09:15:37 EST 2008


> Ay that's very neat indeed. Half the fun of being part of 
> something like Melbourne Wireless is getting to play with 
> things like Routing Protocols that you would usually struggle 
> to test out. I'll be keeping a keen eye on this discussion - 
> I'm quite interested in seeing how this stuff works.

The way I see it, the major advantage of BGP is that it will make it
possible to expose 'local' parts of the public internet to the MW network in
a completely automated manner.

As an example, I mentioned that I have a few web sites delivered from my
hosting platform in Geelong.  With a carefully designed MW network, each
node device will contain a route list that can automatically route a request
to a certain site either onto the local internet connection (if any) at that
node, or via the MW network.  So if I publish my colo subnets to MW, then if
someone on another node requests, say 'http://shop.duxtel.com.au', then the
traffic will be routed via MW, and the reply comes back that way.  If my
node, or any other part of the MW path goes offline, then the routes are all
updated (for bgp usually within a few seconds) and the request goes out via
the public internet.  Very neat-o! :)

> LCA09 is the 2009 conference being held down in Tassie. I 
> would have loved to go next year since I had so much fun 
> volunteering at this year's one, but unfortunately I'm on 
> exchange to Scotland at the moment. :P

That sounds like a good thing!  I'm there! :)


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