[MLB-WIRELESS] Asus wl500g units available - openwrt and mini-pci compatible

Rohan Malhotra rohanmalhotra86 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 17:52:29 EST 2008

with the asus wl500g you can swap out the minipci radio attached to the
mainboard and switch it to whatever kind of radio you like. Peter mentioned
the cm9 in his post presumably because its probably a lot more sensitive
than the standard (usually) broadcom radio and it works in the 5ghz range.
5ghz is preferable to 2.4ghz because most off-the-shelf gear uses 2.4ghz
which means the 2.4ghz frequency range is clogged up whereas the 5ghz range
is less clogged!

as to the the stuff about long cables, please read those power presentations
i sent you!!

ill recap, you'll usually need a long cat5 cable attached to the router on
your roof because of  the routers power requirements. the (expensive high
freq)cable from the router to the antenna tends to be much shorter than the
cat5 power cable because usually the router and antenna are close by. Most
configurations utilise the cat5 for PoE (power over ethernet) instead of
running long power cables which can be dangerous. Whats nice about this is
the cable providing the power can double as a data cable too, which means
you can administer the router on the wired side instead of wirelessly (which
can be tedious and problematic).

as to how you might wanna use this on the MW network; depends who you're
connecting to (whether they run on 5ghz or 2.4ghz, directional or
otherwise), or whether you just wanna use it as a local AP for your street.



On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 10:46 AM, Morphonius Maxor <
morphonius_821 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Peter.... (or anyone else who can answer) (Seeing as i'm a newbie)
> I was just hoping if you could de-mystify your email for me...
> I.E.
> Can you please explain:
> 1) the advantage of purchasing the CM9 hardware in addition to the Asus
> router...(I.E. what extra functionality does this provide as opposed to
> just having the router only?) - would i be correct in guessing that this
> would allow you to install the router up on the mast and connect to it
> wirelessly with-out the necessity of running the signal over a very long
> and lossy cable...(I.E if the router was at your PC and you had to run
> the long cable up to the antenna)
> Is this right?
> 2) GPIO? i see (from searching the MW site) this is an acronym for
> General Purpose Input Output) ......
> A general purpose port? can you give some typical examples of what this
> port would be used for with-in the context of a MW application?
> 3)and  "Bitwise addressing?" (this term is not even in evidence anywhere
> on the melbourne wireless website?)
> What is the advantage of this type of addressing (with respect to the
> GPIO port..... I.E i making the inference here that as you touted this
> feature it is obviously somehow relevant to an MW specific application?
> And, sorry for being so ignorant but:
> 4) what is an uplink....and what is the difference between this and a
> point to point link?
> Thanks for your patience.///....
> Anyway sorry for the 3rd degree... Im just a little lost is all... i
> need to connect a few dots in my mind.....help appreciated...
> thanks
> David
> Peter Buncle wrote:
> > Hi Guy's / Girls,
> >
> > I've managed to secure a LIMITED number of new Asus WL-500g access
> > points
> >
> > See http://www.melbourne.wireless.org.au/wiki/?WL500G for full specs
> >
> > These are great little units for uplink / point to point links and have
> > USB
> > And a parallel port that can be used for GPIO with bitwise addressing.
> > (I use this for remote re-powering) or runung a webcam.
> >
> > You can even get these to boot of a usb harddisk !
> >
> > About 50% of the melbournewireless network is built on these unit's
> >
> > I'm offering them for use on MW for $75 each or $135 including a CM9
> > wireless card.
> >
> > The cm9 card supports 2.4 or 5Gig , which makes a VERY cheap 5gig
> > combination.
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Peter
> >
> >
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