[MLB-WIRELESS] New node available

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 15 15:46:24 EST 2008


This weekend as seen the placement of node GXT's access points moved to 
a mast mounted position.
Coax runs to the antenna are less than 3m, reducing previous losses.

The nod consists of 2 access points.

1.  ASUS wl500g running White Russian RC5 installed and set up by Peter 
GUR running into a 25dbi dish linked to ICQ ip address

              Note this is in client mode and not accessable to the 
general public

2. Senaio FD2611 stock standard running into a 8dbi omni at approx 10m 
height. ip address

              Note DHCP is NOT available so you will need to set up your 
ip address from a suitable block issued from melbourne wireless.

It is expected that the omni port should give coverage to most of 
Hampton Park/Lynbrook/Dandenong South.

Now.  The link is not fantastic.  It is only early days.  The link to 
ICQ has a RSSI of -74/73 dbm and ping times on 1024 byte frames give 
favorable results
heavy usage may still be an issue.  In other words, there is room for 

Whats next???

Well it is hoped that a suitable location and friendly person can be 
found just east of my location on a slight peak (we call huntington 
rise) that can have a AP installed
so as to give a path to Narre Warren South and node GXQ and beyond???



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